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Wildlife Simulator: Crocodile APK - The Ultimate Crocodile Simulation Game for Android Devices

Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK: A Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a crocodile in the wild? Do you want to experience the thrill of hunting, fighting, and surviving in the swamp? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to check out Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK, a realistic and immersive game that lets you play as a crocodile in various environments. In this article, we will review this game and tell you why you should give it a try.

What is Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK?

Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK is an Android game developed by Gluten Free Games LLC, a studio that specializes in creating animal simulator games. The game was released in October 2017 and has received positive reviews from players and critics alike. The game allows you to choose from two different beach locations and start your own crocodile family. You can also customize your crocodile's appearance, level up your skills, and explore a huge 3D environment filled with other animals and dangers.

wildlife simulator crocodile apk

Download Zip:

Features of the game

Some of the features that make Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK stand out are:

  • Realistic simulator: You have to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy levels as you hunt for food, fight for territory, and avoid predators. You can also use your powerful bite, tail, and speed to catch your prey and defend yourself.

  • Epic battles: You can engage in fierce battles with other crocodiles, snakes, wolves, hawks, and more. You can also challenge the alpha crocodile to become the leader of the pack.

  • Start a family: You can find a mate and raise your own baby crocodiles. You can watch them grow in size and help you in combat.

  • Level up your croc: You can gain experience by defeating other animals and level up your crocodiles to increase their health, attack damage, and unlock new abilities such as the death roll.

  • Swamp survival guide: You can access a handy survival guide that provides information on enemy animals, a map of the swamp, crocodile customizations, and more.

  • Huge 3D environment: You can explore the massive open-world wetlands that are full of tall grass, murky water, and hidden secrets.

  • New touch-based controls: You can control your crocodile with intuitive touch-based controls that let you navigate your crocodile like never before. You can also pinch to zoom and play from different perspectives.

  • HD graphics: You can enjoy stunning high-definition graphics that transport you to a realistic swamp setting with lush vegetation and dynamic lighting.

  • Gluten-free promise: You can get the full game with no ads or additional purchases.

How to download and install the game

To download and install Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK on your Android device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to [this link](^1^) on your browser and click on the download button.

  • Wait for the APK file to download on your device.

  • Go to your device settings and enable installation from unknown sources.

  • Locate the downloaded APK file on your device and tap on it to start the installation process.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the installation to complete.

  • Launch the game from your app drawer and enjoy playing as a crocodile!

Why play Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK?

If you are looking for a fun and exciting game. that lets you explore the life of a crocodile, then Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK is the game for you. Here are some of the pros and cons of playing this game:

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Pros of the game

Some of the advantages of playing Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK are:

  • It is fun and addictive: You will never get bored of playing this game as there are always new challenges and adventures to face. You can hunt for food, fight for territory, start a family, and more. You can also switch between different crocodiles and locations to experience different gameplay styles.

  • It is educational and informative: You will learn a lot about crocodiles and their natural habitats by playing this game. You will discover how they hunt, communicate, mate, and survive in the swamp. You will also learn about other animals that live in the wetlands and how they interact with crocodiles.

  • It is realistic and immersive: You will feel like you are really living as a crocodile in the wild by playing this game. The game features realistic physics, animations, sounds, and graphics that create a believable swamp environment. You will also feel the emotions and instincts of your crocodile as you play.

Cons of the game

Some of the disadvantages of playing Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK are:

  • It requires a lot of storage space: The game is quite large in size and requires about 1 GB of storage space on your device. This might be an issue for some users who have limited storage capacity or slow internet connection.

  • It might be too violent or scary for some users: The game involves a lot of blood, gore, and violence as you hunt, fight, and kill other animals. Some users might find this disturbing or frightening, especially younger or sensitive ones.

  • It might be too repetitive or easy for some users: The game might become boring or monotonous for some users who are looking for more variety or challenge in their gameplay. Some users might also find the game too easy or simple to play, especially if they have played other similar games before.

Other crocodile simulator games to try

If you enjoyed playing Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK, you might also like these other crocodile simulator games that are available on Android:

Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt

This game lets you play as a hungry crocodile that is on the loose on a beach full of humans and animals. You can attack and devour anything that moves, from swimmers to surfers to seagulls. You can also explore the underwater world and find hidden treasures. The game features realistic graphics, smooth controls, and multiple levels.

Ultimate Crocodile Simulator

This game lets you play as a giant crocodile that rules over the swamp. You can hunt down prey, fight off enemies, build your nest, raise your hatchlings, and customize your croc. You can also interact with other animals and form clans with them. The game features stunning graphics, advanced AI, dynamic weather, and ragdoll physics.


In conclusion, Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK is a great game for anyone who loves crocodiles and wants to experience their life in the wild. The game offers realistic and immersive gameplay, with many features and options to choose from. The game also has some drawbacks, such as its large size, violent content, and possible repetitiveness. However, these are minor issues that do not affect the overall quality and enjoyment of the game. If you are looking for a fun and exciting game that lets you play as a crocodile in various environments, then you should definitely download Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK today!

Summary of the main points

Wildlife Simulator Crocodile APK is an Android game that lets you play as a crocodile in two different beach location


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