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The Complete Review of Angry Birds 2 2.0 1 APK

Basically, the new game of this game begins with the premise of theft done to the egg by the big bad piggies. Well, there are a lot of improvements to this game in terms of visual, music, and the animation too. On the other hand, Rovio decided to give the game same gameplay mechanic as the original angry bird which all bout catapulting birds as bullets (that sounds off, I know, but you get the idea!). However, it does not end there as there are also new features included here and there to ensure that players of Angry Bird 2 for Android can improve their gaming experience.

angry birds 2 2.0 1 apk

The latest Angry Birds 2 2.2.1 APK has been released by Rovio. They bring great game, with many fans and very popular in the previous sequel I think this version will get many users too. Still with the same gameplay concept, in this game you will return to play catapults with the birds as bullet character. Each birds have different strengths, such as Red can emit puff of air, Chuck can dip sharply, the Blues were able to break itself up into three, etc. It is not just support or power-ups in the game, you just have to think the best strategy: character of birds that should be used on the first shot, the second, and so on.

Unlike the predecessor game where the birds already lined up behind a catapult, the sequence to be used has been determined by the game. Whereas in Angry Birds 2, the birds and the spell is packaged in the form of cards and we could choose which card you want to use first. If the card is exhausted but not all the green pigs defeated, then you fail and no restart feature as in other Angry Birds game series.

Description: Angry Birds 2 - Kick-ass of the second series of magnificent arcades Angry Birds. This is not one of the sequels and package levels like Angry Birds Stella, RIO, Space, and Seasons. It is - absolutely fresh, the newly designed and completely two legendary toys. Poultry and pigs will be back in the battle of the infinite at the balls, and we need to help one of the parties as usual. Features: * CHOOSE YOUR BIRD. Choose the bird to put in the slingshot and defeat the pigs with strategy! * MULTI-STAGE LEVELS. Play fun, challenging levels with multiple levels - just watch out for the Boss Pigs! * Feather your birds and increase their score. Build the ultimate herd! * TAKE A CLAN to catch the pigs with friends and players around the world.

ANGRY BIRDS 2 doesn't alter the bizarre backstory behind the original hit game: Mean, green pigs sneaked into some birds' nests and stole their eggs. Enraged, the birds swear revenge, and the game starts. Pigs hide in ever-more-complex structures, and players have to use a slingshot to catapult birds at them in the hopes of crushing the pigs. Different birds have varied abilities, as they did before. In Angry Birds 2, however, you move along a map, and on each level you get certain "bird cards" and choose which bird is best suited to the task. If a player runs out of cards before completing the goal, she can buy more cards with in-game currency or real money. Watching video advertisements also earns more chances. Another notable change is that levels are no longer the same every time you play them; nor are the birds you get to solve the puzzles.

The fact that Angry Birds came as a paid download is not some quirk that could be smoothed out with microtransactions: it was a fundamental piece of the puzzle game that was Angry Birds. You were presented with a level, and a certain number of birds. It was up to you to figure out the best way to deploy those birds to topple the great pig fortress, slowly chipping away at their defenses until you found that one keystone that would send the whole thing toppling down. There's little of that puzzle solving to be found in Angry Birds 2. Each level is somewhat randomized, both in structure and bird order, leaving you at the whims of some cruel RNG when it comes to actually succeeding or not. In addition, most levels are now 2-3 rooms, meaning that you're inevitably in trouble if you don't knock out at least one room in a single bird. It eliminates the careful planning, trial, and error of the original, leaving you instead to just wait until you get a favorable setup or shell out cash for a spell.

It's a shame, because Rovio actually has some neat new ideas here. In some levels, fans blow your birds around and force you into looping trick shots. In others, flowers swallow pieces of the pig structures at spit them back out at odd angles. They're both fun new ways to shake up the old formula, but they fall totally flat without the puzzle game structure of the original. It borrows the life system from Candy Crush (and others), but it just makes it into more of a slog. Keep playing, screw it up, wait, repeat. It's neither Angry Birds, nor Candy Crush, nor anything worthwhile. The art style is still charming as all get out, but even that has become much busier and muddy than the original.

Angry Birds Reborn is a dedicated sequel to the original game that was released on July 10th, 2021. The game follows 5 birds who are trying to get vengeance from the pigs. Upon release, the game only had 3 episodes but saw a massive spike in popularity for Rovio in general after years of losing fans.

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The second episode of the game, Corn Clash, has 63 levels spread across 3 pages and requires you to finish Scrambled! to unlock it. After their previous failed attempt in the first episode, the Pigs decide to hide in Matilda's garden disguised as various vegetables alongside the Eggs. However, Jay blows their cover and convinces the birds to attack any mysterious structures. This episode features 5 birds: Matilda, Bomb, Red, Chuck, and the Blues.

The third episode, Piggy Showdown, consists of 30 levels across 2 pages and requires you to finish Corn Clash to unlock. After many attempts to grab lunch for themselves, the pigs decide to improvise by building fancy weapons to fight back against the birds. Once these weapons are crafted, they steal the eggs once again, but the birds have their ways of avoiding the weapons. This episode features 5 birds: Matilda, Bomb, Red, Chuck, and the Blues.

The fourth episode, The Pig Outbreak, has 30 levels, across 2 pages, and requires you to finish Piggy Showdown to unlock. After their 3rd plan was foiled, the Pigs were getting desperate. They lost their sophisticated weapons, so now what? They decided they were going to steal the Eggs - and the birds! They didn't realize, however, a sixth bird was nearby; Terence. This episode features 2 birds, Chuck and Terence, but you can see Red and The Blues in cages in Level 30.

The fifth episode, Blue Moon, has 63 levels, across 3 pages, and requires you to finish The Pig Outbreak to unlock. When the Birds foiled their Pork-demic, a pig gets a plan. A device that allows them to see the Birds from far away - and through walls! The only problem, however, they couldn't see any blue birds; this didn't bother them, though. This episode features 2 birds, The Blues and Morris.

The seventh episode, Operation Porkbelly, has 45 levels, across 3 pages. You have to finish Logging Lollies to play it, however. After their attempt on chopping down exotic trees, the pigs are getting desperate. Since the pigs tried to tear down their homes, Hal and Bubbles met the rest of the Flock, who were telling them tales about the pigs stealing their eggs, when they did exactly that! This episode features all 9 birds, listed below.

The first episode, Piga-Dilly, has 45 levels, across 3 pages. You have to finish Season 1 to play this episode. A few years after The Last Chop, the first egg starts to hatch, but as it's doing so, the Pigs steal the hatching egg, and the other two! Now it's up to the Birds to retrieve their offspring in the first episode of Season 2! This episode features all 11 birds, seen below.

The second episode "Pigs can fly!", has 67 levels, across 3 pages. You have to finish Piga Dilly to play this episode. The pigs have actually been plotting something all these years...building a superweapon that can destroy the birds!! But there's one problem they need a power source a mega source a...Eggsteroid.So the pigs go to space to get the Eggsteroid but little did they know three birds were watching it THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL TRIO!!! Already fighting alien pigs but now they have to get back the Eggsteroid from real pigs! This episode features 3 birds.

The third episode, We come in Beaks!, has 56 levels, across 3 pages. You have to finish Pigs can fly! to play this episode. BAM! The trio's space ship crashes to earth. The flock panic, thinking it was a Pig attack, but they are baffled when three birds come out. One the birds catch Red and Terence's eyes, Blaser, their long lost brother that was abducted by alien pigs for experiments, which gave him his fire powers. Blaser he realizes who they are, Ice tells them what's going on, Red and Terence want to help, and the trio lets them tag along. This episode features 5 birds, Red, Terence, Blaser, Icebomb, and Hoatzin.

The fourth episode, Fused!, has 45 levels, across 3 pages. When Bomb realizes that an Eggsteroid can control more than any other egg, he slings himself through a new space portal. On the way, he transforms into Firebomb! A new bird, indigenous to the Space biome! This episode features 5 birds, Super Red, Firebomb, Blaser, Icebomb, and Hoatzin.

Space war has 120 levels, across 4 pages. When Bomb and Red don't come back from space the flock knows somethings wrong. Chuck, The blues, Terence, Bubbles, and Stella then go to space and become Lazer, The Lightings, The Incredible Terence, The Atomic Bird, and The bubble. They must now rescue Red, Bomb, and the trio and the Eggsteroid from total destruction. This episode has 10 birds.

An Episode that you can customise and add your own levels in! You can add up to 15 levels over 3 pages, and form your own little story! This episode features 1-21 birds, depending on the levels you choose to add.


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